Books by Series - Eloisa James

"A reigning queen of romance" - CBS Monday Morning

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Eloisa's Bookshelf

Would-Be Wallflowers

Four young ladies who would be happy to be wallflowers—but end up the center of attention.


A series in which young ladies who are treated unkindly in the ballroom triumph in the marriage market!

Accidental Brides

Haughty aristocrats find themselves married to the "wrong" women.

Wildes of Lindow Castle

An eccentric, gorgeous family who live in a castle on the edge of a bog, but venture to London for balls and debuts!

Ladies Most Duet

What happens when Eloisa joins dear friends Julia Quinn and Connie Brockway to write together? Two Delightful Novels!

9-to-5, Duchess Style!

These three heroines are CEOs of their own businesses… and somehow manage to fall in love as well.

Desperate Duchesses

Set in the Georgian period—think Marie Antoinette—a naughtier time than the Regency!

Fairy Tales

A Regency spin on much-beloved fairy tales…

Essex Sisters

Four Scottish sisters triumph in English Society.

Esme & Friends

A fan-favorite series: Each romance stands alone, but Esme’s story runs throughout.


Eloisa’s first novels are page-turners, thanks to passionate, deep emotion that keeps readers up at night.

Novellas & Anthologies