Pleasures Series - Eloisa James

"A reigning queen of romance" - CBS Monday Morning

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Eloisa’s first novels are page-turners, thanks to passionate, deep emotion that keeps readers up at night.

About the Pleasures Series

These are my very first books, and consequently dear to my heart. They are my most heart-wrenching books. I wept buckets writing these books…readers wept along with me, and they launched my career. Each of these has won a place as a reader favorite.

Alex (in Potent Pleasures) can be so harsh that it’s a pleasure to hate him–and then love him when he realizes his mistakes; Sophie (in Midnight Pleasures) makes us weep with her, and laugh with her–she’s my first bad-girl heroine; Gabbie (in Enchanting Pleasures) is happily plump and has to dump her first fiancé to find one who loves her lush figure.

Pleasures Series Extras

Eloisa Reads from Potent Pleasures

Inside Potent Pleasures

Inside Midnight Pleasures

Inside Enchanting Pleasures

Mea Culpa, Potent Pleasures

Mea Culpa, Midnight Pleasures

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