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"A reigning queen of romance" - CBS Monday Morning

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Staying In Touch

There are lots of different ways to stay connected with what's new and interesting in Eloisa’s world.


Eloisa really loves communicating with readers via her newsletter, a short note from her that might cover anything from book news to personal photos, sometimes followed by a short note from TeamEloisa. Be sure to subscribe so you know what Eloisa’s working on right now, and what's coming up. The newsletter will land in your inbox approximately once every two to three months (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less — it all depends upon her writing schedule!)

For more frequent news, subscribe to News (below), which is essentially the posts from this site’s home page, including updates about any new content that’s been posted, and info about sales readers won’t want to miss.

Team Eloisa

Do you want to interview Eloisa? Check out her media kit or ask her PR agent, Samantha Larrabee,

Is some part of the website not working for you? Her web team is happy to help with technical issues:

Be Social

If you follow Eloisa on Facebook, you know that she hugely enjoys her community and generally pops in several times a day. You could see many of those photos by visiting her Pinterest boards.

Eloisa answers a lot of questions in her FAQ, but if you don’t find an answer there, consider taking it to Eloisa’s Facebook Page. There are lots of regular readers who are very knowledgeable about her books and may be able to answer your question before Eloisa gets to it herself!

Contact Eloisa

Eloisa loves receiving notes from her readers! However, please understand that due to her writing and academic commitments, she is unable to respond individually and asks that you kindly do not await a reply. Rest assured that she does read all comments left here and looks forward to hearing from you. She sends her warmest thanks and gratitude.

If you have a burning question, we suggest you post it in her Facebook group, Lindow Castle, or look at her FAQs—it may already have been answered!

*Publicity and other professional inquiries, please refer to Eloisa's media kit directory.