Accidental Brides Series - Eloisa James

"A reigning queen of romance" - CBS Monday Morning

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Accidental Brides

Haughty aristocrats find themselves married to the "wrong" women.

About the Accidental Brides Series

I adore novels in which the hero has deliberately rejected the heroine as not good enough—not smart enough, ladylike enough, whatever—but they somehow end up married.

In Viscount in Love, for example, Dominic’s “perfect” fiancée promptly elopes after he inherits two orphans. He turns in desperation to her sister, Torie, a charming but inept woman who can’t even read (hello: dyslexia) and likes to paint kittens and rabbits. Not exactly the brilliant political hostess he had in mind, but beggars can’t be choosers, and the children adore Torie. And soon…so does he. But will Torie ever believe him?

And this is part of the pleasure of this series: the hero may change his mind about the heroine, but after their rocky beginning, how can he possibly convince her he’s a changed man who has fallen deeply in love? And can there be a happily ever after for such a pair?

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