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Just for Fun

Extras: Just for Fun

This is a bit of a catch-all category. You’ll find creative challenges (crossword, anyone?), as well as an Essex Sisters family tree, links to the music Edie was playing in Once Upon a Tower, explanations about how Julia Quinn’s characters crept into my books, and more.

How Desperate Are You?

Ahead of the release of Desperate Duchesses, Eloisa offered an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) to the reader who impressed her with their most wonderful answer to “How Desperate Are You?” contest. Here are the winning entries: The Grand Prize was, in fact, an ARC, and was awarded to: Ytta C. from MD: “Oh I’m desperate […]

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Dreaming Up Gabriel

In the month before The Taming of the Duke was published, Eloisa ran a contest on this website asking readers, who had first met Rafe in Much Ado About You, what they thought Rafe’s illegitimate half-brother would be like and why he was in Taming. Eloisa blithely thought it would be easy to pick a winner. Well…not […]

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What’s Your Pleasure?

For the release of Pleasure for Pleasure, Eloisa ran a “What’s Your Pleasure?” contest inviting readers to submit their own pleasures. Here are the winning entries: The Nicest Pleasure… …goes to Bairbre. Her Pleasure is: I work for an upscale retailer, and I get a huge kick out of helping little old ladies who think […]

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Readers Dream Up a Wife for Lucius Felton

In the months before Much Ado About You was published, Eloisa ran a contest on this website asking readers, who had first met Lucius Felton in the novella A Fool Again, featured in the Anthology The One that Got Away, to describe the kind of woman he ought to meet, love, and marry. Some of the […]

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