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Just for Fun

Extras: Just for Fun

This is a bit of a catch-all category. You’ll find creative challenges (crossword, anyone?), as well as an Essex Sisters family tree, links to the music Edie was playing in Once Upon a Tower, explanations about how Julia Quinn’s characters crept into my books, and more.

The Wilde Family Tree

There are a lot of family members in the Wilde family and readers have said it can be a challenge to keep them all straight. Here is a handy guide to who’s who, how they are related, and where they fall in birth order. *Please note: Some of the names are linked to Wikipedia pages. […]

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Just How Much Did Merry’s Pineapple Cost?

Were you curious about the pineapple rental in My American Duchess? A pineapple actually cost $5,000! Here’s a short, amusing video that summarizes the scandal.

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Essex Sisters Series Crossword Puzzle

Click to see a bigger version that can be printed if you’d like.

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Josie and Mayne in the Hot Seat

Mayne (answering questions BEFORE Pleasure for Pleasure begins!) 1. What do you consider to be the most significant event in your life? Why? The day I met my fiancée, Sylvie de la Broderie. The moment I saw her, my heart knew – to the very core of me – that she was the woman for me. […]

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Eloisa with Julia Quinn and Connie Brockway

Eloisa works on The Lady Most Willing… with Julia Quinn and Connie Brockway.

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Meet Eloisa’s Rescue Doxie, Lucy

Watch Eloisa’s rescue dachshund, Lucy, help promote When Beauty Tamed the Beast.

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Special Guests Make an Appearance in Once Upon a Tower

Eloisa and Julia Quinn are writing buddies who love to collaborate (The Lady Most Likely, anyone?). When the opportunity to have characters crossover presented itself, they jumped on it. Once upon a Tower released first, with Edie and Gowan attending the wedding of Just Like Heaven’s main characters: Marcus and Honoria. The first two images […]

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Readers Rhyme Mother Goose Style

Eloisa loves creative contests, so for the release of Duchess By Night, she asked her readers to write their own Mother Goose style rhyme. If you’re wondering about the Mother Goose part, read the book! Cindy from CA: Sly little duchess comes into Town, Upstairs, downstairs, in a blue velvet gown, Spying in the gardens, […]

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Dirty Jobs, Georgian Style

For the release of When the Duke Returns, Eloisa asked her readers “What’s the Worst Job Imaginable in Georgian England?” Here are her most favorite responses: Shelly M. from MN: The Queen. A bad husband, no privacy, no respect, no freedom. Wendy K. from NC: I think the worst job would be a “Resurrection Men” […]

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Eloisa Shares her Inspirations for Edie’s Music

The key to Edie’s personality is her passion for music: for her, everything from her love for Gowan to her vision of life itself (remember the scene when she sees the swallows flying and tells Gowan they’re dancing to Mozart?) is filtered through the cello pieces she works on every day. For over a year, […]

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The Essex Sisters Family Tree

Interested in knowing how many children the Essex sisters had? Eloisa has this beautiful Essex Family Tree for you to see. Click to see a bigger version that can be printed if you’d like.

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