How Desperate Are You? - Eloisa James

"A reigning queen of romance" - CBS Monday Morning

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Just for Fun

Eloisa's Exclusive Extras

How Desperate Are You?

Ahead of the release of Desperate Duchesses, Eloisa offered an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) to the reader who impressed her with their most wonderful answer to “How Desperate Are You?” contest. Here are the winning entries:

The Grand Prize was, in fact, an ARC, and was awarded to:

Ytta C. from MD:

“Oh I’m desperate alright. I actually endured all this 21st Century rigamaroll to get into the contest, while wishing that Eloisa had to write this book with a quill pen, foolscap, and liquid ink, so she’d know what it truly is to be desperate.”

And the five finalists are (in no particular order):


Melissa A. from MA:

“I’m so desperate for Eloisa’s newest masterpiece “Desperate Duchesses” that I will sing Murray Head’s “One Night in Bangkok” on my way to Bedlam in my stays and corset!”

Maggie R. from ME:

“Je suis so desperate I’d take chess lessons from the one-handed chessmaster M. Deschappelles in his native tongue after I got the Ghost Whisperer to dig him up and hook me up.”

Dora B. from CA:

“I’m so desperate for a Desperate Duchesses ARC that I will recite William Blake’s Songs of Innocence backwards while jumping & parasailing off the White Cliffs of Dover.”

Heather M. from OH:

“I am so desperate for a Desperate Duchesses ARC that I would race through a renaissance faire dressed as Lady Godiva singing Lady Marmalade.”

Joanna R. from PA:

“I’m so desperate for a Desperate Duchesses ARC that I would walk into the mall wearing only a corset and a bonnet decorated with fruits and a large red ribbon, singing What’s Love at the top of my lungs.”

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