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Pre Order Test

Hello Fans of Eloisa!

If you register your PRE-ORDER of How to Be a Wallflower through midnight March 29, 2022, you’ll receive Eloisa’s completed brand new novella, Lady Be Wilde, a few weeks later as Eloisa’s gift to you.

Skip the explanation and GO STRAIGHT TO THE SUBMISSION FORM to register your order.

But if you have ANY QUESTIONS, please keep reading through this page. Thanks!

Lady Be Wilde is Eloisa’s gift to her faithful readers; it’s delicious; and you won’t be able to read it elsewhere. Here is a peek:

Scarcely two months after Lady Madeline Penshallow’s flagrantly unfaithful husband, Lord Penshallow, talked Maddie into accepting his bastard child as his heir, he died in the bed of (a different) mistress!

Her cousin Ophelia, now the Duchess of Lindow, whisks her away to Lindow Castle so she can escape the relentless gossip of high society. Maddie means to spend her time loving her baby and planning for a future that will include no men…but a sarcastic, bitter cousin of the Duke of Lindow is trying hard to convince her that sometimes it’s better to be wilde than safe.

Eloisa is so excited to offer this novella as a Thank You for your order. We’ve made some changes in registration structure to simplify the submission process. Whether you are new to Eloisa’s order gift stories, or coming back for more, please take a look at the easy way we plan to get this delicious story into your hands.

Thank you, and we hope you adore How to Be a Wallflower!

~Team Eloisa



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Have questions?

Please look at these questions. If you don’t need the answers, skip to the form and send us your proof of purchase. THANKS! We can’t help with submission issues but we think we’ve covered all our bases! Thanks so much for understanding.

Do I need to be signed into Google to use the Google form for the order offer?

What if I don’t know how to take a screenshot? Can I still register my order?

How Do I Get an Autographed Copy?

What is Lady Be Wilde?

How will I get Lady Be Wilde? Will I be able to put it on my ereader?

Will the book be available anywhere else?

When will future installments of Lady Be Wilde become available?

What if I have already received the first installments of Lady Be Wilde?


BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THE FORM, please make sure you are logged into Google. As of right now this Google form is the only upload available. If you can’t see the form below, that is probably the reason. Please do not email your order to us, we will be unable to match your order confirmation to your name. Google accounts are free. More info here.

Also, please sure you can take a screenshot of your order and then you can find the screenshot to upload it. This upload is a required field in the form. If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, please click here.

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