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There are lots of different ways to stay connected with what's new and interesting in Eloisa’s world.

A Newsletter, every month

5 Fab ThingsEloisa really loves writing her Five Fabulous Things newsletter, a short and sweet list that ranges from book news to personal photos. Be sure to subscribe so you know what Eloisa's working on right now, and where in the world she and her family have got to, not to mention the fabulous things she's picked up to give away to readers—which she does every month! 

  • If you live in the United States, you might want to add your address along with your email, so that Eloisa can send you a postcard she designed herself whenever a new book comes out.
  • If you are already subscribed to the newsletter and want to add your address, simply send it to team[at] from the email address where you already receive your Five Fabulous Things newsletter, and Team Eloisa will update everything for you.


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Newsflash, as it happens

Eloisa's Newsflash is nothing-but-the-news. It comes from her team right to your inbox or the feed reader of your choice, and tells you there's a new book, new cover, an excerpt, book sale or other news. This is different from the Newsletter and requires a separate subscription.

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Be Social!

If you follow Eloisa on Facebook, you know that she hugely enjoys her community and generally pops in several times a day. You could see many of those photos by visiting her Pinterest boards. And if you’re a Tweeter - see you there!

Eloisa answers a lot of questions in her FAQ, but if you don't find an answer there, consider taking it to Eloisa's Facebook Page. There are lots of regular readers who are very knowledgeable about her books and may be able to answer your question before Eloisa gets to it herself!

Team Eloisa

Do you have a question about a contest or a book give-away? Eloisa’s assistant Kim will help: .

Do you want to interview Eloisa? Check out her media kit or ask her PR agent, Pamela Spengler-Jaffee,

Is some part of the website not working for you? Her web team is happy to help with technical issues:

Curious about her career? Eloisa has been published by Harper Collins since 2002, where she’s edited by Carrie Feron. She’s had the same agent her entire career, Kim Witherspoon at Inkwell Management. Find out more via Eloisa's Media Kit.

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