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Eloisa James Newsletter | New York Times Bestselling Author

January, 2024

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to share the cover of Viscount in Love, the first novel in my new Accidental Brides series! My hero needs to marry quickly—so why not the sister of his former fiancee? Torie’s not very enthusiastic—until Dominic strips off his shirt and throws himself in a chair. Do you think he persuaded her? (Stay tuned for an excerpt.)

Seduction Series

The first three Seduction novellas are available on Amazon in print or ebook, so please do check them out!Check out The Seduction→

Seduction 4: Daisy (Two Lies and a Lord) has started serializing on Vella every Wednesday, hopefully creating a cheerful middle of the week. There’s a secret baby, a forced marriage, and a costume mishap out of Katherine Hepturn’s Bringing Up Baby.

Ebook Sale

And finally, if you missed Wilde in Love, book 1 in the Wildes of Lindow Castle series, it’s on ebook sale for $1.99 for the entire month of January!

I hope that you have a wonderful 2024 ~ healthy, happy, and full of books,

big hug,