Frequently Asked Questions - Eloisa James

"A reigning queen of romance" - CBS Monday Morning

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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Eloisa?

Do you love Bridgerton?
Do you love Cinderella?
Do You Love Paris?
Do you love historical fashion?
Did you love The Queen’s Gambit?
Do you love medical shows—House, M.D, for example?
Do you love an alpha hero?

About Eloisa

Who is Mary Bly? Eloisa on Her Double Life
Are you really married to a knight?
How do you manage being a mother, bestselling author, and a professor?
How did you get started writing romance?

About Eloisa's Books

What happened to the novella, Wilde Denial, that Eloisa has been serializing for the last couple of years?
What IS the Essex Sisters Companion Guide, exactly?
What happens to the orphans in A Duke of Her Own? Who fed them and took care of them after Eleanor and Leo left the orphanage?
I fell in love with Esme while reading Duchess in Love! Does she get a happily ever after?
Do your characters book hop?
Why isn’t there a chess game in A Duke of Her Own?
The Earl of Mayne appears in a lot of your books. Did he ever get his own story?
Will you give (insert your favorite secondary character here) his/her own story, please?
Do you ever think of writing a romance in a different time setting?
Griffin Barry stole my heart in The Ugly Duchess. Does he make appearances in any other books?
Is the Companion only in eBook? Will there be a print version eventually?
Why should I order the Companion?

About Everything Else

Do you have any free reads on your website?
Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
How do I get published by your publisher (Avon)?


How do I make sure Eloisa emails don’t go to my spam folder?