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Eloisa James

Dear friends,
The truth is that I've never been in a book club. But sitting around and talking with my friends about what we like in a book is one of my favorite things to do, so I guess I've been in a hundred informal clubs. I created questions here that I would like to discuss with my girlfriends. I hope the Paris in Love (and my questions) give you and your group a great deal of pleasure.

With a big hug,



Paris MetroWhether you are reading Paris in Love with a Book Club or not,these Readers Guide Questions can be a wonderful way to dig deeper. Below is a sampling from the Readers Guide to get you started. I invite you to download the full readers guide pdf for the whole experience. Enjoy!

  1. Eiffel TowerEloisa sold the house and the cars, uprooted her family, and travelled all the way to France in reaction to a cancer diagnosis (though not a life-threatening one). Have you experienced a similar life-changing event? What could you do to experience the same sort of cathartic experience without going to the extreme of packing up and moving abroad?

  2. After bra shopping for herself and Anna, Eloisa concludes that her year in Paris should be declared the "Year of the Brassiere." Do you associate specific articles of clothing with happy memories in your life? What garment from your past do you still remember with affection—even one as small as the Minnesota hat that bobbles its way through Paris on Anna's head?

  3. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, said that she "absolutely loved" Paris in Love. Like Eloisa, Gilbert came home transformed by her travels. Paris in Love Readers GuideWhy do you think that major life changes can impel people to travel? If you could spend a year anywhere in the world, where would you go?

  4. The story of Luca's sixteenth birthday is arguably the funniest in the book, despite its moments of unhappiness. (As someone once put it, "Comedy is tragedy plus time.") A lot of readers say they laughed all the way through the piece. Did it remind you of any stories from your own life—mortifying at the time, but afterwards could now be laughed at?

  5. Paris in Love Book Club Party Kit

Want More? Download the entire Readers Guide.

How about we turn it into a party? Download this Book Club Party Kit for some great recipes (and wine recommendations!) to serve to your guests. Fun!


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