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Do you have any free reads on your website?

I do! There are various extra chapters and deleted scenes all over my website. If you check the Book Extras on each book page, they will be listed there. My American Duchess has a short prequel story that introduces her mother and father. Four Nights with the Duke has two deleted chapters! There are more being added all the time. Make sure you are signed up for my Newsflash and Newsletter and follow me on Facebook page. Special content like this is always posted there as it comes out.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

Join a writing group such as Romance Writers of America. They have chapters all over and there are tons of online writing groups to join. The more experienced writers are usually happy to share their knowledge.

Most of all: write, write, read and write some more. Set goals for yourself to write at least one page a day. Just think, at the end of a year you’ll have a full length novel! Even if you think it’s crap, keep writing. Nora Roberts has said that she can work with a page of bad prose, but she can’t do anything with a blank page — and she’s right. Good luck!

How do I get published by your publisher (Avon)?

I really think that Avon is a fabulous publisher of historical fiction – which makes it pretty hard to get a book accepted there. You can’t do it without a literary agent; Avon doesn’t take novels from the slush pile. So you need to find an agent. My first suggestion is that you join the Romance Writers of America. They have monthly meetings and a monthly magazine with loads of great information about agents and publishers — they do interviews with agents almost every month. Another thing you could do is watch out for a contest in which the final judge is an Avon editor. I know several people who’ve got published by winning contests. Good luck!