Seduction #4 serializes on Dec. 19 View web version.
Eloisa James Newsletter | New York Times Bestselling Author

November 2023

Dear Friends,

I’m so thrilled to say that the Seduction novellas I serialized on Amazon’s Vella platform will be published in ebook and audiobook format on December 19 in the US and UK! I’m proud to share the gorgeous covers below.

I’ll also start serializing #4 in the Seduction series on the same day (The Seduction/Daisy), so maybe if you haven’t tried serialization, you’ll be tempted! More to come.

I’m teaching A Midsummer Night’s Dream this semester at Fordham—but I went to see Macbeth with my dear friend (and fantastic author) Erica Ridley. Here we are at Drunk Shakespeare, where we laughed ourselves silly!

I’m in charge of pies for Thanksgiving (19 people this year!) so I’m reading recipes and then discarding them as too hard… If you’re celebrating, I hope all your pies are magnificent (and your turkeys too).

With all best wishes,