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Eloisa James Newsletter | New York Times Bestselling Author

February 2024

Dear Friends,

I’ve posted the first two chapters of Viscount in Love on my website! Please drop into my Lindow Castle Facebook Group to chat about a key question: whose funeral ends this excerpt?

Seduction Series

Another sweet Valentine treat: a new excerpt of Seduction 4: Daisy (Two Lies and a Lord) released on Vella today! Here’s a tiny sample, in which everyone’s favorite villainess contemplates marrying the hero:

I have decided to encourage Lord Devin’s courtship,” Lady Regina said musingly. “His birth and fortune are excellent. I like the idea of living next door to my brother and sister-in-law, even though Beatrice and I have had a few squabbles. The only drawback is that Lord Devin has a withering manner. But does that matter in a spouse?”

That’s not a very Valentine’s Day question, is it? In my opinion, no spouse should be withering!

I wanted to share a picture that had a kiss, a heart, and a lot of love, so I found this wonderful one of my children. I hope your day is full of kisses, candied and otherwise!

Affectionately yours,