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Bonus Scenes

Extras: Bonus Scenes

This is where I tell you interesting connections between characters as well as cool historical facts that you might enjoy. But do be aware that these are written for people who have already read each book; the outcome of the books are no secret. Please do not read any of The Inside Take posts if you're wary of knowing who is paired with whom!

Deleted Scenes for Say No to the Duke

Generally, one introduces characters by describing their eyes or their occupation… I decided to introduce you to two of my favorite characters — Jeremy and Betsy — by sharing two deeply emotional scenes that I had to cut or modify when finishing Say No to the Duke. So you’re the only ones who get to […]

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Extra Chapter for Duchess in Love

~ A Sampling of Letters Exchanged between 1803 and 1814 ~ From Ambrogina (future Duchess of Girton), to Camden William Serrard (future Duke of Girton). September 1801, from the Girton estate, Lancashire Dear Camden, I expect you will be very surprised to hear from me, but Mrs. Pegwell says that I must write you every […]

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Extra Chapter for Desperate Duchesses

Chapter Three From Damon’s Point of View There are days that one cares to remember months later, and there are days that one would just as soon have stricken from the book of life. Or whatever that tome was really called. Damon had always thought that instead of a recording angel somewhere, totting up lists […]

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Extra Chapter for An Affair Before Christmas

~ Miss Charlotte Tatlock’s Wedding Day ~ Some women’s lives are defined by a single trait: golden hair, perhaps, or a grating laugh. A woman might have feet as large as tubs, or remarkable musical talents. If someone had asked her, Charlotte Tatlock would have unhesitatingly pointed to her defining trait. She was unlucky. Unlucky […]

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Extra Chapter for Desperate Duchesses Series

May 1791 (a short time before the Epilogue of A Duke of Her Own) The London residence of the Duke of Villiers 15, Piccadilly Everyone in the house – about fifty-eight souls – knew the Duchess of Villiers was in labor; mortifying though it was, Eleanor was perfectly aware of the public status of her […]

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My American Duchess Deleted Scenes

Note: These are not in order, because I don’t write in order. I thought it was more like a puzzle if you try to figure out where each segment might have gone! –Eloisa It was extraordinary that he and his brother had both found wives at the same time—and yet, their lives had paralleled each […]

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Prequel to My American Duchess

Prequel to My American Duchess Mrs. Seton-Owsley’s drawing room Boston December 22, 1780 (right in the middle of the Revolutionary War) “It must be so terribly odd to find your country at war with your husband’s country,” Mrs. Seton-Owsley said, idly fanning herself. “How on earth do you and Mr. Pelford manage to stay civil […]

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Four Nights with the Duke Deleted Scene

This scene would have appeared after the Prologue. I left it out because pacing demanded that the novel go straight from Mia’s defiant cry that she will never marry Vander to the moment when she’s climbing the steps to his house, about to blackmail him into marriage. I hope you enjoy! ~Eloisa The Jilting Ever […]

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A Second Deleted Scene from Four Nights with the Duke

Enjoy a visit with India and Thorn, the main characters from Three Weeks with Lady X, who make an appearance in Four Weeks. My editor said this scene had to be cut because India and Thorn were stealing the show from Mia and Vander! ~Eloisa Dressing for Dinner “That can’t be right.” Lady Xenobia India […]

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