Coming Mar 30, 2021

Wilde Child

Book 6 in the Wildes of Lindow Castle series

Already notorious for the golden hair that signaled her mother’s infidelity, Lady Joan Wilde doesn’t care a fig that she regularly shocks polite society on her own. But in the three years since she debuted, nothing has matched the scandal that would erupt if polite society knew what she was currently planning: she’s determined to perform the title role of King Lear in a private performance in her father’s castle — but first she plans to don a disguise and join a theater troupe to hone the craft. She loves acting, and she knows just how to affect aristocratic disdain: all she has to do is envision Thaddeus Erskine Shaw, Viscount Greywick, the man who informed her sister Betsy that he would never consider a woman of tainted blood—her—as his duchess.

Not that Joan would want such a dubious honor, of course.

For years, Thaddeus has done his best to avoid the one Wilde who shakes his composure, telling himself with every new rumor about Joan that he’s made the only possible decision in avoiding her. But he’s beyond horrified when he understands the recklessness to which Joan had now committed. Acting on the public stage, let alone in breeches, would ruin her forever. But the immediate danger she’s in spears through him as he comes to the grim realization that he’ll do anything he must to make sure Joan is safe. He’ll accompany the troupe for her protection, but after three performances in three towns Joan will return to her father’s house and marry someone. Anyone.

Not him, of course.

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March 30, 2021


Wilde Child is Book 6 in the Wildes of Lindow Castle series.

The full series reading order is as follows:

Book 1: Wilde in Love
Book 2: Too Wilde to Wed
Book 3: Born to be Wilde
Book 4: Say No to the Duke
Book 5: Say Yes to the Duke
Book 6: Wilde Child
Novella: My Last Duchess