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Willing: Reviews

The Lady Most Willing… received not one, but two, coveted “starred reviews,” from Booklist and Kirkus.

Inside The Lady Most Willing…

  • Connie, Julia, and I had so much fun writing this book. We met in New York City and hashed out the parameters of our plots. Then later we holed up in a Seattle hotel, and wrote like crazy, sharing our ideas and characters. I think the joy we had writing together—as great friends—came across on the page. As you can imagine, we had particular fun writing Marilla’s lines.
  • It’s hardly a secret…but the inspiration for this book is the wonderful movie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It happens to be one of Connie’s favorites films, and the moment she suggested it, Julia and I jumped at the idea of writing our own version.
  • Mine was the story of Byron and Fiona. I also love pairing true opposites—in this case, a man so stern that he broke his betrothal after a whiff of scandal, and a woman whose reputation is in ruins.
  • I’ve always had great distrust of heroes who climb up a few ivy vines and don’t fall… so you might say that I sacrificed Dugald on the altar of truth. Because I’ve seen a lot of ivy in my life, and none of it would bear a man’s weight.
  • As I happened to be rereading Jane Austen’s Persuasion, that novel found its way into the library. I am a firm believer that Austen and Oscar Wilde should be reread every year, and more often, if possible.