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Publication Day Celebration: Eloisa Style

On publication day, Eloisa was in Florence, Italy, where she lives each summer (as her husband is Italian). There she celebrated the release of Not that Duke with her family, and took many photos some of which she shares below.

One of the things her daughter Anna said: “This book is more about lust than love, which is not your usual, Mom,” is something some readers pointed out as well (as a positive thing!). Eloisa had to agree with Anna, though she was quick to point out that Not that Duke is still a love story — which Anna had to agree with also. What do you think?

All captions are Eloisa’s — Enjoy!

Took a photo with the book.
Got in the car (Anna finishing Not That Duke.)
Went to a tiny restaurant.
Menu of tiny restaurant.
Where they bought Leo water.
Had prosecco to celebrate.
My daughter-in-law Sofia crossing her fingers that readers love it.
Started with charcuterie.
Ended with homemade sorbet.
Drove to San Gimignano, a walled hilltop town.
Bought a parasol befitting my heroines!
Wandered around shopping.
Admired the town.
Found an outdoor market (Sofia with a sconce).
Bought a bowl of typical Tuscan design—that we had just seen in a store for twice the cost!
I hope you enjoy the book!