Winning the Wallflower is a charming read, and I definitely need to pick up some more books by Eloisa James.”

~ USA Today on Winning the Wallflower


March 31, 2015

Four Nights with the Duke

Four Nights with the Duke

Did you fall in love with Vander in Three Nights with Lady X? Are you desperate to see him find an India of his own? Well, her name is Mia, and she is quite desperate to stay far away from Vander. Except she needs one, tiny favor. Involving a wedding certificate.

You can read the entire prologue, first and second chapter over on the Four Nights with the Duke page—which is also where chapter three will be published in March. To make sure you don't miss any excerpts when they post, be sure to stay connected with Eloisa on any or all of her social networks, or check the home page for an announcement.

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After Four Nights?

A funny thing happened on the way to Eloisa’s next novel…she started writing a novella called “My American Duchess” and she didn’t stop! Once the manuscript reached two hundred pages, her editor pointed out that this particular American duchess clearly wanted to star in her own book. So now Eloisa is finishing a delightfully funny novel about a feisty American who conquers London.

But at the same time, she’s also been writing the sequel to Four Nights with the Duke, tentatively entitled Seven Minutes in Heaven. Which will appear in print first? No decisions have been made, but rest easy: two fabulous Eloisa novels will see print in 2015-16! Stay connected for updates.