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I’m having trouble with my preorder form, what can I do?

We definitely want you to be able to upload your pre-order so you can receive a copy of Lady Be Wilde.

If you are trying to use the form at work, there may be a firewall preventing your success. Please try from home, thanks.

If you are on an iPhone or an iPad or a mac, the Google Form may not appear on the preorder page on Safari or Firefox. Please go here for Mac / iPhone / iPad tips and try this direct link.

Please be signed into a Google account. Chrome is best. Because the form is a Google Form and requires an upload, that necessarily requires Google Drive. Google accounts are free and private. You will not be asked to sign into it using Facebook. Facebook and Google are totally different companies.

If none of this works, go directly to this link. That will take you to the form directly.

If you don’t have a Google account, and will never, ever get one, we have a manual entry option, but the team will need to manually crosscheck, so there may be a delay in bonus delivery.
1) Fill out this form with the date of preorder, store, and order number
2) Email your proof of preorder to Please do not email questions to this email address as the email inbox will not be looked at until we get much, much closer to release date.
3) Make sure the emails on both items match.

Team Eloisa

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